Live video show - Liège Guillemins

Live video performance inside the Calatrava train station in Liège(Belgium)
Veejay set with manual calibration video, on the tempo without auto synchronisation.

Some words about Veejay.

A VJ or "veejay" is a person who performs visual mixing and manipulation of images and videos in real-time, typically during live music performances or events. The term "VJ" comes from "video jockey," which is a play on the term "disc jockey" or "DJ" for short.

VJs use specialized software and hardware equipment to create and display visual effects, animations, and video clips that are synchronized with the music being played by the DJ or musicians. They may also use cameras and other sources of live video feeds to add an extra layer of visual interest to the performance.

In addition to live events, VJs can also work in other areas such as broadcast media, advertising, and film. They may create music videos, visual effects for films, or design graphics for websites and other digital media.

Client - iiimagine